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How do I apply for a developer account?

The Snap developer program is available to existing merchants who want to offer financing to their customers at the time of checkout.

If you are a Snap Partner, please ask your CSM or ASM to enable your account for eCommerce and then email with your account details. We will set up your developer account for testing in sandbox and will send you the details.

If you are not an existing merchant, please complete this application at to be onboarded.

Is it possible to have multiple Client Keys and Shared Secret for accessing Snaps APIs?

Snap Finance is available for existing partners so only one set of credentials per merchant account will be provided for integration. If you are a third-party developer, please work with your merchant to get their account credentials for integration.


Which option should I use, Snap Checkout or Snap Checkout Lite?

It depends on the type of experience you want your customers to have. Snap Checkout Lite is quick to set up on your website, but requires more time and attention from your customer. Snap Checkout requires more time to integrate into your website, but it's a more streamlined experience for your customer.

Which integration path - JavaScript or eCommerce plugins - should I follow?

Snap offers fast, flexible, and friendly financing to your customers. If you have built an eCommerce storefront with any technology, use our JavaScript SDK to integrate. If you have built your storefront on the Magento platform, you can use our Magento checkout plugin.

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