Snap Finance eCommerce

Lease-to-own finance solutions that make it easy to reach credit-challenged customers online by seamlessly integrating into your checkout.


Quick Start


Snap offers a RESTful API for checkout server-side integration. You can use this API to incorporate your post-checkout functionality.

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JS Library to launch Snap on your eCommerce storefront.

View SDK Web Development

Integrate Snap into your checkout process using the eCommerce platform plugins of your choice.

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eCommerce Solutions

Whether you need a set-up that is fast and easy or a most customized option, Snap provides hassle-free solutions designed to fit your needs.

Snap Checkout

  • Customize Snap to fit your checkout flow with a modal-based seamless experience
  • Snap appears as a payment option at checkout
  • JavaScript/API-based integration (eCommerce platform plugins available)
  • Direct merchant settlement with Snap Finance

Snap Checkout Lite

  • Simple banner-based experience that uses virtual card at checkout
  • Merchant settlement through the Discover Card Network
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