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This is the Media Center for all Snap consumer facing assets (logos, buttons, and banners) for our merchant to access to market Snap. Here, you will find the latest, up-to-date assets. To ensure the Snap brand is properly represented, we recommend you only use Snap-hosted and approved assets.

Here are some guidelines to help you get the most value out of the Media Center and how to use the assets appropriately:

  • Do not appropriate Snap content or imagery, such as in advertisements or promotion, without consent from Snap.

  • Do not mask or alter Snap's brand by 'white-labeling' our service as an in-house financing program or by changing modifying any Snap materials with different content, color, and design.

  • Do not alter the logos or combine them with other custom content without consent.

  • Do not alter the banners and other assets with messaging not provided by or approved by Snap.


  • Download or reference the relevant Snap logos, buttons, and banners.

  • Include Snap logos anywhere Snap is mentioned, such as the payment method selection in your checkout flow.

  • Recommend using Snap banners in key points in customer shopping journey. A product details page is a great location to place a Snap banner.

Do not alter these logos or banners, or combine with other custom content without approval from Snap. For approval, please contact support.


Name Example Image URL
Logo Logo Image 1 1600x900: PNG


Name Example Image URL
Checkout Button Dark Button Image 1

300x50: SVG

400x50: SVG

500x50: SVG

Checkout Button Button Image 2

300x50: SVG

400x50: SVG

500x50: SVG


Name Example Link
160x600 Banner Image 1 PNG
160x600 Banner Image 2 PNG
160x600 Banner Image 3 PNG
160x600 Banner Image 4 PNG
250x250 Banner Image 5 PNG
250x250 Banner Image 6 PNG
250x250 Banner Image 7 PNG
250x250 Banner Image 8 PNG
300x600 Banner Image 9 PNG
300x600 Banner Image 10 PNG
300x600 Banner Image 11 PNG
300x600 Banner Image 12 PNG
468x60 Banner Image 13 PNG
468x60 Banner Image 14 PNG
468x60 Banner Image 15 PNG
468x60 Banner Image 16 PNG
474x300 Banner Image 17 PNG
474x387 Banner Image 18 PNG
720x300 Banner Image 19 PNG
720x300 Banner Image 20 PNG
728x90 Banner Image 21 PNG
728x90 Banner Image 22 PNG
728x90 Banner Image 23 PNG
728x90 Banner Image 24 PNG
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