Snap Checkout Lite

Checkout Lite provides an eCommerce merchants to offer finance option to their customers. Checkout Lite provides a quick and easy integration for merchants while keeping the customers within the purchase funnel. The Snap Finance banner on the PDP and Checkout page leads to a consumer loan application. When approved the customer will receive a virtual card to use at the checkout.

Snap Checkout Lite

  • step 1

    New to Snap?

    Complete this application to become a Snap Partner.

    Already a Snap Merchant?

    Please call your CSM to enable your account for eCommerce OR Email with your merchant account details. We will email you with your developer account information, where you can sign in to access API keys.

  • step 2
    • We configure the merchant to be able to generate banners for them.
  • step 3
    • We generate the banner and provide the merchant with the HTML code for them to embed in their website.
  • step 4
    • Once embedded, the banner is displayed and clickable
  • step 5
    • ALICE comes in, clicks the banner and it will take them to the "apply" (new app process) page
  • step 6
    • ALICE follows the steps to fill in data for analytics approval/denial
  • step 7
    • If approved, an email is sent to follow a link for agreement signature, or ALICE can also click on the review agreement link provided on the approval page.
  • step 8
    • ALICE signs the agreement and upon submitting it, the Discover Card will be displayed (there may be need for additional verification with SSN and DOB to be performed for card unlocking)
  • step 9
    • ALICE can then go back with the card number and process the checkout payment with the Merchant
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