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Snap Checkout

Snap Checkout provides eCommerce merchants with a set of APIs that provide an in-context finance option to their credit-challenged customers at the time of checkout.

Our JavaScript library, aka "snap-sdk (client)", is a script provided to eCommerce merchants as "snap-sdk.js" for inclusion on their website. This allows the merchant to include a Snap Checkout button on their website so customers can finance their online purchases with Snap.

Get Started

Step 1

Your Snap Merchant Account

Already a Snap Partner?

Please call your CSM to enable the eCommerce settings for your account. You may email for help.

New to Snap?

Complete this application to become a Snap Partner.

Step 2

Get API Credentials (Sandbox)

Email with your merchant account details. We will email you with your developer account information, where you can sign in to access API keys.

Step 3

Implement Snap Checkout Using Our SDK or Plugins.

Web Development

Our foundational JavaScript library for building checkout flows, and a set of prebuilt UI components for the web.

eCommerce Plugins

Check out list of supported eCommerce plugins to confirm or download one now.

VIEW PLUGINS Web Development
Step 4

Implement Order Completion Using API

The checkout process culminates in order completion. Order completion is performed by the merchant's back-end, using the following endpoint.



Detailed documentation on endpoints can be found here.

Step 5

Test Your Integration

We encourage you to see how the customer will interact with your website.

You can incorporate logging or other code in your website at the following touch points to confirm that the Snap Checkout button is functioning properly.

Touch points for testing

  • Initialization: The onInit method will be invoked when your page loads and the button is rendered.
  • Launch: The onClick method will be invoked when the Snap Checkout button is clicked and the modal is launched.
  • Approved: The onApproved method will invoke on your website, passing in the ID of the approved application.
  • Denied: The onDenied method will invoke on your website, passing in the ID of the denied application.

The customer will go through a series of application steps as shown in the demo. Upon completion the merchant site will receive an 'approved' or 'denied' decision.

Web portal
Step 6

Verify the Customer Application in the Merchant Portal

Sign in to your Sandbox Merchant Portal and verify that you see the customer-approved application in your Dashboard.

Step 7

Go Live

Step 1. Contact to get the production credentials.

Step 2. Replace the sandbox credentials and API end points with production credentials and end points.

Step 3. Configure the production environment.

Web Development
Dedicated Tech Support
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