Shopify Marketing Plugin for Snap Finance

Snap Marketing Plugin

How to Get Started with Snap Marketing

    1. Open the Shopify app store and search for Snap Marketing.
    2. Click Add App to add our plugin to your ecommerce store and follow Shopify's instructions to adding the app to your Shopify store.
    3. Log into your Shopify store admin account.
    4. Navigate to Apps and click the Snap Marketing app.
    5. Open the Snap Configuration tab and enter your client/secret credentials to your sandbox and production instances.
    6. Open the Treatments tab and locate the pre-configured treatments for you to deploy with the associated shortcodes.
    7. Copy and paste these shortcodes wherever you want to display these treatments in your liquid template files on your Shopify store.
    8. You can create multiple treatments as well and select different assets as needed with "Add new treatment".
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