WooCommerce Marketing Plugin for Snap Finance

    Snap Marketing Plugin

    WooCommerce Installation

    Installation of WooCommerce Snap Finance Marketing 1.0.0 extension can be done in a few minutes by going through below screen

    • 2. Go to the WordPress admin panel and upload the plugin or go to Plugins and enter “Snap Marketing” in the search bar at the top right of the screen.
    Image for Install Manually Plugin
    • 3. Select Install Now > Activate Plugin.
    • 4. Go to Snap Marketing > Configuration to set the configuration part.
    • The merchant can set the Client ID and Secret Key for Sandbox and Production. They can also set the Enable Snap Marketing.
    Image for Install Plugin
    • 5. In the Snap Marketing tab, select All Treatments.
      A list of all available treatments displays.
    • The merchant can create a new treatment by selecting Add New Treatment. Edit and delete
    • The merchant can copy the treatment from the Shortcode column and paste it in the Product page.
    Image for Install Manually Plugin
    • 7. To automatically show the As-Low-As treatment on all product description pages, select the Enable in all product description pages? checkbox.
    Image for Install Manually Plugin
    here are three types of treatments you can choose from:
    • Get Approved
      You can set this treatment throughout the store, such as About Us, Header, Dashboard, Product Detail Page.
    • Get Approved As Low As
      After choosing this treatment, select Enable in all Product Description Pages. The Get Started button will display on the product details page on the storefront.
    • Banner
      All available banners will display in the Asset list. You can choose one of them. This banner will display on the front-end side where you set this banner treatment’s short code.
    • 8. To create a new treatment, go to Snap Marketing and select Add New.
    Image for Install Manually Plugin
    • 9. To edit or delete a treatment, hover over the treatment name and select Edit or Trash as needed.
    Image for Install Manually Plugin
    • 10. Copy the Shortcode from the Treatment list page.
    • 11. Go to Products > Edit product and paste the treatment Shortcode in the description field.
    • 12. Select Save.
    Image for Install Manually Plugin
    There are three types of treatments you can choose from:
    • The As Low As, Banner, and Get Approved treatment will display on the store front side on the product detail page.
    As Low As treatment will be displayed only for product prices more than $75.
    • The images below displays As Low As, Banner and Get Approved treatments in the product description page.
    Image for Install Manually Plugin
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