Using Snap Finance with CS-Cart

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Minimum Requirements
We recommend updating to the latest versions of CS-Cart to ensure security and performance.

Download CS-Cart

  1. Locate and purchase the Snap CS-Cart add-on in Marketplace.
  2. After the order completes, select Order Details.
    Your order information displays.
  3. Select Download.
    Product download information displays.
  4. Expand the Download.
    Package information displays.
  5. Select the package version to download the zip file.
Order Details Product Information Download Order Package Version


  1. Open your CS-Cart website admin panel.

    Example URL:

  2. Navigate to Add-ons > Manage Add-ons.
  3. Select the plus icon to add a new add-on.
    The Upload & install add-on dialog box displays.
  4. Select Local to locate the zip file you downloaded previously.
  5. Select Upload & Install.
Manage Addon New Addon Upload and Install Addon Select Upload and Install Addon

Set Up

  1. In the CS-Cart website admin panel, navigate to Administration > Payment methods.
  2. Select the plus icon to add a new payment method.
    The New payment method dialog box displays.
  3. From the Processor drop-down menu, select Snap Finance.
    The form populates.
  4. Open the Configure tab.
  5. Select the environment you want to use and enter your credentials.
  6. Select Create.
    The Snap Checkout option displays in your store checkout.
Payment Method New Payment Method Payment Method edit Editing Payment Method displays in your store
    • Order Statuses

      CS-Cart generates an order status for an order after the customer exits the checkout flow.

      Order statuses can be:

      • Incomplete: Customer started order but did not finish checking out with Snap.
      • Denied: Customer started order, but their application with Snap was denied.
      • Paid: Customer has finished checking out with Snap but the order has not yet shipped.
      • Complete: Merchant has shipped this order. Snap funds the merchant and the customer's application status changes to Pending Delivery.
  • Complete Orders

    To receive timely funding from Snap, merchants should change order statuses to Complete as they ship to their customers.

    To change an order status to Complete:

    • 1. Locate the order in your CS-Cart dashboard.
    • 2. Select Complete from the Status drop-down.
    • The customer's application status changes to Pending Delivery and Snap funds your merchant account.

Order Status
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