Shopify Checkout with Snap Gateway

Snap Checkout Plugin

Shopify Installation


Your Shopify store must be able to take payments. This guide presumes that the user that is logged into the browser has ownership rights on the Shopify store and is able to make changes to the payments enabled.

  • 2. Verify that the store name and email match the owner of the storefront.
  • 3. Select the arrow.
Web portal
  • A confirmation message displays.
  • 4. Select Install Payment Provider.
Web portal
  • Payment options display.
  • 5. Select Choose alternative payment.
Web portal
  • A list of alternative payment providers displays.
  • 6. Select Checkout with Snap from the list.
Web portal
  • 7. Enter your Client ID and Secret Key.
Web portal

The client ID can be found in your Developer Portal account. The secret key is iU44RWxeik. This key is unique to Shopify.

  • 8. Select Save.

When changing the store from test mode to production, you must enter the iU44RWxeik key before you save. There is a bug in the Shopify UI that does not resubmit this code and final orders will not be created in production.

  • 9. Go to Settings > Notifications to create a callback that occurs after order fulfillment.
Web portal
  • 10. Scroll to the bottom and select Create webhook.
Web portal
  • The Add a webhook dialog box displays.
Web portal
  • 12. Select Save webhook.
  • Orders from successful customer applications display in Admin > Orders as UNFULFILLED. You must select each of these orders in the Shopify and complete the fulfillment flow to indicate to Snap that the order has shipped. Snap then marks the order as fulfilled and funds your merchant account.
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