Shopify Checkout Application

Snap Checkout Application
  • If you are migrating to this new "Shopify Checkout" App please complete these steps.

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    Shopify Installation

    To install and activate the “Snap Checkout” payment app, we put together these simple steps to get you set-up.

    • 1.Go to Your Developer Portal Account to get you API keys.

      • 1.1 Click on "Sign in" button located in the upright corner.
      • 1.2 Enter your email and password, or click on "Forgot Password" link to generate a new password.
      • 1.3 Finally click on your full name and select "API Keys" option from the drop-down menu.
      • 1.4 Make sure you are in the right tab environment before grabbing the API Keys(Sandbox or Production).
    • 3. Log in to the Shopify admin panel.
    • 4.Click on “Install app” button.
    • 5.Add the “Client ID” and “Secret Key”. Click on “Save” button.
    • For Production, please leave the “Test mode” unchecked.
    • For testing environment, check the “Test mode” box and insert your Snap Sandbox API keys.
    • 6.Click on “Activate Snap Checkout” button.
    • (Enable Test mode if you are testing in the sandbox environment).
    • 7.The installation is now Complete. To verify and view the customer experience, initiate the checkout application flow. The payment method should be displayed as “Snap Checkout”.
    • 8.After your customer completes the checkout process, the order will be available in your Shopify admin panel.


      Cancel Orders

      Cancel option is currently supported.

      Capture Orders

      Capture option is currently supported. All snap orders should be manually fulfill on Shopify administration panel

      Refund Orders

      Refund option is currently supported.

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