Snap Checkout Application

To install and activate the “Snap Checkout” payment app, we put together these simple steps to get you set-up.

    1. How to obtain API Keys?

    • 1.1 Go to Developer portal Sign In to get your API Keys.
    • Image for devportal signin page
    • 1.2 If you are a new user click on the "Forgot Password" link to generate a new password. Or enter your email and password.
    • Image for devportal login page
    • 1.3 Copy and paste the Production Client ID and Secret Key in your app configuration page.
    • Image for devportal API key page

    2. Installation and Setup

    • 2.1 Go to Shopify Checkout App and log in to your Shopify account.
    • Image for shopify storelogin page
    • 2.2 Click on “Install app” button.
    • Image for shopify installation page
    • 2.3 Add the “Client ID” and “Secret Key”. Click on “Save” button.
    • Image for snap configuration page
    • 2.4 Click on “Activate Snap Checkout” button.
    • Image for shopify snap activate page
    • 2.5 The installation and setup step is now Complete.

    3. Testing

    • 3.1 For testing sandbox mode, check the “Test mode” box.
    • Image for shopify test mode testing
    • 3.2 For Production, please leave the “Test mode” unchecked.
    • Image for shopify prod mode testing


    Capture Orders

    The Snap Checkout app supports the Capture by clicking on fulfill item(s). All snap orders should be manually fulfilled on the Shopify administration panel then Snap will trigger the funds to the merchant bank account.

    Refund Orders

    The Snap Checkout app supports Refund option through the Shopify admin panel.

    Cancel Orders

    The Snap Checkout app supports the Cancel option through the Shopify admin panel.

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